Metamorphosis of Leadership in a Democratic Mexico

Metamorphosis of Leadership in a Democratic Mexico by Roderic Ai Camp

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The Metamorphosis of Leadership in a Democratic Mexico is a broad analysis of Mexicos changing leadership over the past eight decades, stretching from its pre-democratic era (1935-1988), to its democratic transition (1988-2000) to its democratic period (2000-the present). In it, Roderic Camp, one of the most distinguished scholars of Mexican politics, seeks to answer two questions: 1) how has Mexican political leadership evolved since the 1930s and in what ways, beyond ideology, has the shift from a semi-authoritarian, one-party system to a democratic, electoral system altered the countrys leadership? and 2) which aspects of Mexican leadership have been most affected by this shift in political models and when and why did the changes in leadership occur? Rather than viewing Mexicos current government as a true democracy, Camp sees it as undergoing a process of consolidation, under which the competitive electoral process has resulted in a system of governing institutions supported by the majority of citizens and significant strides toward plurality. Accordingly, he looks at the relationship between the decentralization of political power and the changing characteristics, experiences and paths to power of national leaders. The book, which represents four decades of Camps work, is based upon a detailed study of 3000 politicians from the 1930s through the present, incorporating regional media accounts and Camps own interviews with Mexican presidents, cabinet members, assistant secretaries, senators, governors, and party presidents.
Publication Date:
07 / 10 / 2010

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