Mia's World by Mia Dolan & Rosalyn Chissick
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135 x 216mm

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Other Titles by Mia Dolan & Rosalyn Chissick

An Extraordinary Gift - An Unforgettable Journey

The gift of the psychic is something that we all possess naturally - but very few of us know how to use. This book follows the experiences of Mia Dolan and her student, Roz, through the psychic training process that leads to the awakening of Roz's own gift, and includes Mia's amazing stories and revelations about the spirit world.

In 'Mia's World', Mia Dolan takes on a student - a writer with absolutely no previous psychic training - and teaches her how to tap into her innate gift. Mia reveals her own psychic tools and techniques, and teaches her student to open up to what Mia had by then discovered deep within herself.

Mia shows us how to develop intuition and look into the future, how to see and read auras, how to give a relationship reading, how to meet your guide, and the skills of telepathy and clairvoyance.

Along the way, Mia reveals more of her fascinating experiences of ghosts, spirits and even some terrifying confrontations with evil demons. We are taken on ghost-busts and astral travel to the home of her spirit guide.

This book answers profound questions about life, death and psychic phenomena:
- What is it like to die?
- How can we still communicate with loved ones after death?
- Do angels and demons exist?
- Is there such a thing as a soulmate?
- Is there such a thing as destiny or do we control our own fate?
- Is there such a thing as evil or are people misguided?
- What happens to our souls after we die?
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2005
135 x 216mm

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