Microdomination by Trevor Young

01 / 04 / 2013
108 x 207 x 13mm

How to harness your passion, develop your platform, and build a community of fans to sustain your micro-business.
If you dream of launching your own business, but aren’t sure what that business should be, microDOMINATION has the
answer. This new book from entrepreneur and communications guru Trevor Young shows you how to tap into your particular
area of expertise and build a small business around what you know and love. No matter what particular subject you’re
knowledgeable in, from dog training to cooking to fi nancial planning, microDOMINATION shows you how to build a brand
around yourself and turn that brand and expertise into profi ts even from the comfort of your own home.
In the fi rst part of the book, Young uses real-life examples to introduce you to the businesspeople—or ‘micro mavens’—who
are living their dreams and earning money doing what they love. The second part of the book reveals the nuts-and-bolts
strategies and tactics you can use to emulate their success and achieve your goal of “microdominating.”
• Includes inspirational case studies and practical advice on starting a micro-business based on your talent or expertise.
• Features actionable guidance on using content marketing and social media to grow your brand and business.
• Written by a leading thinker in the fi elds of public relations, marketing, and communications.
If you’re stuck in a dead-end job or just dream of turning your hobby into a business, microDOMINATION gives you a proven
plan for turning your passion into prosperity.
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