Microsoft Data Mining by Barry de Ville

By: Barry de Ville

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Microsoft Data Mining approaches data mining from the particular perspective of IT professionals using Microsoft data management technologies. The author explains the new data mining capabilities in Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 database, Commerce Server, and other products, details the Microsoft OLE DB for Data Mining standard, and gives readers best practices for using all of them. The book bridges the previously specialized field of data mining with the new technologies and methods that are quickly making it an important mainstream tool for companies of all sizes.Data mining refers to a set of technologies and techniques by which IT professionals search large databases of information (such as those contained by SQL Server) for patterns and trends. Traditionally important in finance, telecommunication, and other information-intensive fields, data mining increasingly helps companies better understand and serve their customers by revealing buying patterns and related interests. It is becoming a foundation for e-commerce and knowledge management.Unique book on a hot data management topicPart of Digital Press's SQL Server and data mining clustersAuthor is an expert on both traditional and Microsoft data mining technologies
Publication Date:
17 / 05 / 2001

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