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This groundbreaking book is the first to give an introduction to microwave de-embedding, showing how it is the cornerstone for waveform engineering. The authors of each chapter clearly explain the theoretical concepts, providing a foundation that supports linear and non-linear measurements, modelling and circuit design. Recent developments and future trends in the field are covered throughout, including successful strategies for low-noise and power amplifier design. This book is a must-have for those wishing to understand the full potential of the microwave de-embedding concept to achieve successful results in the areas of measurements, modelling, and design at high frequencies. With this book you will learn: The theoretical background of high-frequency de-embedding for measurements, modelling, and design Details on applying the de-embedding concept to the transistor’s linear, non-linear, and noise behaviour The impact of de-embedding on low-noise and power amplifier design The recent advances and future trends in the field of high-frequency de-embedding Presents the theory and practice of microwave de-embedding, from the basic principles to recent advances and future trendsWritten by experts in the field, all of whom are leading researchers in the areaEach chapter describes theoretical background and gives experimental results and practical applicationsIncludes forewords by Giovanni Ghione and Stephen Maas
Publication Date:
09 / 11 / 2013

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