Mind Maps for Business: Revolutionise Your Business Thinking and Practice

Mind Maps for Business: Revolutionise Your Business Thinking and Practice by Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan
01 / 03 / 2010
231 x 160 x 19mm

Mind Maps for Business is the very first and only book on mind mapping that has been written by Tony Buzan specifically for a business audience. No matter how big or small the business you work in; no matter if you're an employer or an employee; no matter what your role is, you'll find the benefits of using mind maps to help you think, organise, plan and control are vast:

- Accelerate your productivity to levels you never thought possible.
- Generate exciting new possibilities for growth and expansion.
- Make meetings, discussions and forums really productive and useful.
- Negotiate, talk and consult more constructively and effectively.
- Be more focussed, more organised and much smarter.
- Unleash your amazing creative capabilities.

The Mind Map is the most effective thinking, organisation and productivity tool of our time. It will dramatically improve every aspect of your business performance. In this exciting new book, Tony Buzan, the world's leading and bestselling author on the brain and learning, shares with you his revolutionary Mind Map techniques to unlock the power of your brain to transform your business practice and performance forever. The Mind Map is used by tens of thousands of individuals in organisations all over the world, including De Beers, Disney, Microsoft and NASA, to help them create, lead, plan, problem solve, present and much more. In Mind Maps For Business, Tony, together with Chris Griffiths, co-Founder and CEO of Buzan Online Ltd, show you, for the very first time, how to use Mind Maps (both electronic and hand-drawn) to develop superior capabilities in all core business areas – from project management and selling, right through to leadership and managing change.

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