Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker
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Date Released
216 x 135mm
Out Of Print

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The long-awaited return of the great master of horror to the adult book trade, this novel purports to be Barker’s shockingly bone-chilling discovery of a never-before-published demonic "memoir" penned in the year 1438, when it was printed -- one copy only -- and then buried until now by an assistant who worked for the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg.

The demon, known only as 'Jakabok,' is a major force of evil then and now, who taunts the reader to "Burn this book!" throughout this satanically autobiographical monologue, for he has embedded his very self inside each word on each page... as a long-dormant vehicle for the dark forces to finally conquer all things good and holy in this world.

A one-man (or, rather a one-demon) narrative, in which this medieval devil speaks directly to the reader at hand is sure to become an instant classic for all fans of major "good vs. evil" literary works. This is the first known time that the voice of a major demon has ever been realized in book form, where it speaks directly -- as in a poker game -- to the reader.

Featuring shockingly crafted dialogue and details of the epic hell that the "author" can and promises to unleash if this manuscript is circulated, the storyline of this short work of master fiction has Jakabok explaining his "roots" in this world to the reader -- going back centuries to his childhood traumas at the hands of his own parents, who are themselves, super demons. The story then moves to tell the saga of how Jakabok rose from being a "minor" demon to a "major" demon. It culminates with his insidious plot to "invade" the minds and hearts of all humankind everywhere through the newly invented "vehicle" of the printing press, via this very book, which has now surfaced with the debut publication of MISTER B. GONE, which contains the ancient demon’s actual power deep within every word and every page via the ink and paper on which it is printed.

Hence, Jakabok’s taunt: For God’s sake.... "BURN THIS BOOK!"
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2007
216 x 135mm

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