Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense by Ken Dunham

By: Ken Dunham

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Malware has gone mobile, and the security landscape is changing quickly with emerging attacks on cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices. This first book on the growing threat covers a wide range of malware targeting operating systems like Symbian and new devices like the iPhone. Examining code in past, current, and future risks, protect your banking, auctioning, and other activities performed on mobile devices. * Visual PayloadsView attacks as visible to the end user, including notation of variants. * Timeline of Mobile Hoaxes and ThreatsUnderstand the history of major attacks and horizon for emerging threates. * Overview of Mobile Malware FamiliesIdentify and understand groups of mobile malicious code and their variations. * Taxonomy of Mobile MalwareBring order to known samples based on infection, distribution, and payload strategies. * Phishing, SMishing, and Vishing AttacksDetect and mitigate phone-based phishing (vishing) and SMS phishing (SMishing) techniques. * Operating System and Device VulnerabilitiesAnalyze unique OS security issues and examine offensive mobile device threats. * Analyze Mobile MalwareDesign a sandbox for dynamic software analysis and use MobileSandbox to analyze mobile malware. * Forensic Analysis of Mobile MalwareConduct forensic analysis of mobile devices and learn key differences in mobile forensics. * Debugging and Disassembling Mobile MalwareUse IDA and other tools to reverse-engineer samples of malicious code for analysis. * Mobile Malware Mitigation MeasuresQualify risk, understand threats to mobile assets, defend against attacks, and remediate incidents.* Understand the History and Threat Landscape of Rapidly Emerging Mobile Attacks * Analyze Mobile Device/Platform Vulnerabilities and Exploits * Mitigate Current and Future Mobile Malware Threats
Publication Date:
12 / 11 / 2008

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