Model-Based Engineering for Complex Electronic Systems

Model-Based Engineering for Complex Electronic Systems by H. Alan Mantooth

By: H. Alan Mantooth

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In the electronics industry today consumer demand for devices with hyper-connectivity and mobility has resulted in the development of a complete system on a chip (SoC). Using the old 'rule of thumb' design methods of the past is no longer feasible for these new complex electronic systems. To develop highly successful systems that meet the requirements and quality expectations of customers, engineers now need to use a rigorous, model-based approach in their designs. This book provides the definitive guide to the techniques, methods and technologies for electronic systems engineers, embedded systems engineers, and hardware and software engineers to carry out model- based electronic system design, as well as for students of IC systems design. Based on the authors' considerable industrial experience, the book shows how to implement the methods in the context of integrated circuit design flows.Complete guide to methods, techniques and technologies of model-based engineering design for developing robust electronic systemsWritten by world experts in model-based design who have considerable industrial experienceShows how to adopt the methods using numerous industrial examples in the context of integrated circuit design
Publication Date:
13 / 03 / 2013

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