Modern Amination Methods

Modern Amination Methods by Alfredo (Universita di Bologna Ricci

By: Alfredo (Universita di Bologna Ricci

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Organic compounds containing amino groups are at the center of modern organic chemistry, and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, crop protection, natural product chemistry, and in advanced materials. Modern methods for the introduction of the amino group are therefore of major importance to synthetic chemists and product developers. Over the last decade, many methods have been developed to generate new C-N bonds. At the same time, the pharmaceutical and chemical industry was rapidly moving away from the development of racemic compounds to the direct synthesis of enantiomerically pure materials. The articles of this book, written by internationally recognized experts, thus focus on asymmetric synthesis. The most recent catalytic amination methods have particularly revolutionized the chemistry of amino compounds - and you find them all in this first comprehensive overview.
Publication Date:
11 / 07 / 2008

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