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    By: Susan J. Karcher

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    This course manual instructs students in recombinant DNA techniques and other essential molecular biology techniques in the context of projects. The project approach inspires and captivates students; it involves them in the scientific experience, providing continuity to laboratory bench time and an understanding of the principles underlying the techniques presented. Molecular Biology is a must for any department, operating under budgetary constraints that offers or plans to offer a course in molecular cloning.Key Features* Includes a glossary of over 200 terms important for understanding molecular biology* Uses an inexpensive source of eukaryotic cells - great for schools on a budget* Includes Methods Locator that provides instant access to the latest methods* Contain clearly written, easy-to-follow, student-tested instructions:* Sterile techniques* Phage titration* Gel electrophoresis of DNA* Restriction enzyme digestion* Plasmid isolation* Transformation of E. Coli* Recombinant DNA cloning* Nick translation labeling * Nonradioactive primer labelling* Nonradioactive DNA detection* Southern blotting* Colony hybridization* Purification of plant DNA* RNA purification* Northern blotting* Purification of poly A+ RNA* Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
    Publication Date:
    28 / 11 / 1995

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