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The 2e of Molecular Diagnostics, the only book dealing with diagnosis on a molecular level, discusses current molecular biological techniques used to identify the underlying molecular defects in inherited disease. The book delves further into the principle and brief description of the technique, followed by examples from the authors' own expertise. Contributors to the 2e are well-known experts in their field, and derive from a variety of disciplines, to ensure breadth and depth of coverage. Molecular Diagnostics, 2e , is a needed resource for graduate students, researchers, physicians and practicing scientists in molecular genetics and professionals from similar backgrounds working in diagnostic laboratories in academia or industry, as well as academic institutions and hospital libraries.Deals exclusively with the currently used molecular biology techniques to identify the underlying molecular defect of inherited diseasesIncludes pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics relating to new cancer therapiesProvies a comprehensive guide through emerging concepts and demonstrates how the available mutation screening technology can be implemented in diagnostic laboratories and provide better healthcare
Publication Date:
21 / 08 / 2009

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