Mom's Little Angel

Mom's Little Angel by Gregory E. Lang

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A Chance to Say Thank YouThe bond between a mother and a daughter is a constant in an ever-changing world. Though the relationship evolves with each passing year—from caretaker to role model, teacher to best friend—the connection remains an irreplaceable part of our lives.In tribute to this special relationship, bestselling author Gregory Lang shares real-life stories of mothers and daughters that celebrate why a daughter needs a mom. With inspirational quotes throughout and photos of real moms with their daughters, Mom's Little Angel is the perfect way for both moms and daughters to say thank you to the special person in their life. Empowering mothers to embrace the role they play in a daughter's life and reminding daughters of the never-ending support they receive from their mothers, this timeless keepsake will be treasured forever. A perfect gift for:Her wedding dayMother's DayBirthdaysGraduationThe day she learns she's expecting a daughter of her own
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06 / 10 / 2009

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