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    By: Robert Sheard

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    The 20 Factor Plan for Accumulating Wealth While You're Young.

    Avoiding the traditional approach to retirement at 65, this book contends that restless baby boomers no longer need to wait until old age to quit working and live the life they've always dreamed of. By following the very specific guidelines and investment techniques set out, readers will be able to calculate exactly how much income they need to live on without a job, how to create a nest egg to generate that right amount of income, and how to live off that money for the rest of their lives.

    Combining practical-living advice with smart investing know-how, the book argues that no one needs to think of retirement as a function of age - financial independence and lifestyle choices determine when and how to retire. The author's concrete and very workable blueprint for implementing the saving and investment strategies that will bring those goals within reach will be a liberating revelation.

    Whether age 35 or 75, whether you want to quit work and spend your days on the golf course, start a business, or simply take a few years off to go adventuring, 'Money For Life' will provide you the tools and knowledge you need to live comfortably on your investments and realise your dreams.

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