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    By: Vera Peiffer

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    How to Create a Better Future for Yourself.

    Been putting something off? Hiding behind excuses? Second volume in this series shows readers how their outlook on life can be transformed by learning how to stay optimistic despite life's ups and downs and how to overcome apathy and dependency.

    Life is one long succession of ups and downs. Sometimes the downs seem to take over. Yet if you develop a more optimistic outlook, you can transform your life and not let the inevitable problems and setbacks bring you down.

    In 'More Positive Thinking', Vera Peiffer looks at how we act within our society and how we deal with life's inevitable setbacks. She shows us how often we hide behind our problems, so that they can shield us from making changes in our lives. She outlines the myths of the right time security , dependency in terms of our working or social environment if we want, we can always construct obstacles in our way which say its the wrong time to change jobs for example.

    In this book, you will learn to:
    - Overcome apathy
    - Stop putting yourself down
    - Accept success
    - Do what you want to do and not just set out to please others
    - Understand yourself and how you operate

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