Motor Disturbances II by A. Berardelli
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Motor Disturbances II contains a selection of papers presented at the 2nd Congress of the International Medical Society of Motor Disturbances held in Rome, Italy, on June 2-4, 1988. Contributors focus on topics related to motor disturbances ranging from bradykinesia and akinesia to cranial movement disorders, weakness and the involvement of upper motor neurons in motor disturbances, and techniques such as neuroimaging and cortical stimulation.
Organized into six sections comprised of 37 chapters, this compilation begins with an overview of the physiological aspects of electrical and magnetic stimulation of the human brain. It then discusses the PET scanning in Parkinson's disease (PD), levodopa and lisuride intravenous infusions in fluctuating Parkinsonian patients, and temporal discrimination and bradykinesia in PD patients. It explains the pathophysiological aspects of cranial movement disorders, the pathophysiology of weakness and the upper motoneuron syndrome, body sway in patients with hemiparesis, and spinal reflexes and central programming in spastic paresis during stance and gait. The book concludes with an analysis of motor disturbances in musicians.
This book will appeal to neurologists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, medical practitioners, clinical researchers, and anyone interested in motor disturbances.
Publication Date:
02 / 12 / 2012

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