Murder 101 [Unabridged CD]

Murder 101 [Unabridged CD] by Faye Kellerman
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145 x 134 x 38mm

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The next fantastic and creepy installment in Faye Kellerman's New York Times Bestselling Decker/Lazarus series, Murder 101 is a sordid tale of deception and greed set in a quaint town and elite colleges: where fraud and cheating aren't necessarily limited to grasping and dishonest students. Length: 13:17:57. 11 CDs. Be careful what you wish for. All Peter Decker wanted was a quiet life, away from the ugliness and chaos of his former position as a Detective Lieutenant with the LAPD. And when the Greenbury Police Department had an opening, he and his wife, Rina, thought it was the perfect opportunity. Living in upstate New York, they could pursue hobbies and be close to their four adult children and well as their foster son, all of them currently on the east coast. But after six months of rescuing cats from trees, dealing with retired seniors and their heart palpitations, and trying to find ripped off electronic equipment , Decker was starting to wonder if he made a mistake. Rina had adapted beautifully, but Decker was...dare he say it...a little bored. And that wasn't his only issue. Decker had been partnered with a young buck named Tyler McAdams, a former Harvard student with a bad 'tude. So it was a relief when Decker was called down on a dark, Friday night to the local cemetery to investigate a possible break-in at a mausoleum. It was the first crime he'd dealt with since moving to Greenbury and as usual, McAdams tagged along, hoping to glean some genuine criminal methodology. At first, it seemed like he was called down for nothing. The mausoleum was intact along with the beautiful stained glass art work inside. It was only on further inspection with an expert that it was apparent that the original Tiffany glass panels had been replaced by forgeries. The list of suspects who knew about the valuable windows was endless and Decker expected a lot of footwork. But then a few days later, a co-ed at one of the colleges was brutally murdered and Decker had to put the quest to find an art thief on hold. But not for very long. Poking into the hallowed halls of academia, Decker and McAdams, find themselves in the midst of dark secrets, hidden vices and ruthless people who kill for sport.
Publication Date:
02 / 02 / 2015
145 x 134 x 38mm

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