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    By: Richard Rayner

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    The city is Los Angeles, birthplace of the American dream. Billy McGrath is an enigma, half American, half English, a philosopher manque, but for the last fifteen years a homicide detective - one of LA's best. He knows the rules, and understands a justice system that punishes the underprivileged and lets the rich go free. He's an unhappy man, divorced from the wife he still adores and separated from a daughter for whom he'd willingly die.

    McGrath is called to a brutal, but apparently routine, crime scene. Routine until he discovers that the murdered woman's son is LA's biggest crack dealer, an idol of the ghetto who offers him a one-million-dollar bounty for the name of the killer. Making the wrong choice for what might be the right reasons, McGrath initiates both his own fall from grace, and as he strives to redeem himself, a series of wild and furious actions that hurtle him though the many identities of corrupt Los Angeles.

    In McGrath, Rayner has created a sympathetic everyman who becomes both victim and victor. Set against a bleak cityscape, 'Murder Book' is a dark, violent and sexy thriller that is impossible to put down.

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