Murder Most Fab

Murder Most Fab by Julian Clary
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Life, it seems, couldn't be better for smooth TV presenter Johnny Debonair. He's at the top of the pile: Mr Saturday Night on prime time, with his recent memoir Gentleman's Relish riding high in the bestsellers. Over lunch at La Mirabelle with his editor Pip Hardback, he announces that next he'd like to write a novel: the story of a young man, similar to himself in many ways, until he becomes involved in a series of murders. 'It's a great idea,' says Pip, licking his lips, 'a comedy thriller,' and a handsome advance is handed over. The one thing Johnny, or JD as he prefers it, fails to tell his editor is that this isn't fiction. The story JD is about to unleash is the dark truth of his life that could never have been revealed in his memoir... This is a hilarious tale of murderous deception and of closets overrun with skeletons; a fiendish satire of ambition and modern celebrity success from one of our most loved comedy icons.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2007

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