Mustang Annie

Mustang Annie by Rachelle Morgan
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Wild at HeartAfter Annie Harper's world shattered four years ago, taming horses became her salvation. But when Brett Corrigan hires her to capture the wild mustang that's stealing his mares, Annie's passion is ignited by the masterful rancher, sweeping through her like wildfire. Brett never expected the legendary Annie to be a beautiful woman with a boldness that arouses his desire as much as it does his temper—or a hidden vulnerability he's helpless to resist. But he's wagered his lifetime dreams on the ranch he won with a turn of the card, and he's not about to let this troublesome craving get in his way. As they track the rogue stallion across the Texas badlands, battling the forces of man, nature, and their own stubbornness, will Annie trust Brett with her heart—and will Brett decide that Mustang Annie is worth the greatest gamble of all?
Publication Date:
09 / 09 / 2014

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