My House Plant Changed My Life

My House Plant Changed My Life by David Domoney

151 x 198mm

Houseplants can change your life- it really is rocket science!Everyday consumer products pollute our homes and workspaces by releasing harmful substances into the air. Drawing on groundbreaking research by NASA, this book reveals the houseplants most effective at purifying the air we breathe at home. Further studies show that being surrounded by plants and caring for them helps to improve mental wellbeing, reduce stress, and encourage a positive, productive frame of mind to alleviate fatigue and lower blood pressure.This book selects the 50 most life-enhancing houseplants and profiles each one to identify the specific toxins that the plant may be able to target, and how the colour, scent, habit, and care needs of the plant can improve your mental wellbeing. Discover the natural wonder of each plant, to help you engage with your collection and reap the mental benefits of nurturing living entities.Expert care advice describes how to keep each plant thriving and highlights especially mindful ways to nurture and increase your green guests- by misting, wiping, feeding, pinching, pruning, and propagating. While creative design features show where to position plants, in what numbers to be effective, and how to arrange them to maximise the health benefits.With houseplants, you can combat the pollution and stresses of life through the power of nature in the comfort of your home.

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