Nanoconvergence by William Sims Bainbridge

By: William Sims Bainbridge


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In Nanoconvergence , William Sims Bainbridge tours the future of science and technology in plain, nontechnical English. Bainbridge draws on an extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge, based on his unique role at the epicenter of the nanoconvergence revolution. He successfully integrates insights from far-reaching scientific fields into a compelling human storyoffering powerful insights you can use to plan your career, seek new investment opportunities, or simply understand whats coming next. Discover new breakthroughs in measuring, manipulating, and organizing matter at the nanoscale and the implications of those advances See why science fictions view of nanotechnology is wrong and why the truth is even more exciting Preview new technologies built on the principles of cognitive science and enabled by nanotechnology Learn how nanotechnology may save Moores Law, allowing computers to double in power every year for the next two decades Discover why nanoconvergence may spark a renaissance in the social sciences Examine the potential impact of scientific and technological convergence on human society and diversity
Publication Date:
27 / 06 / 2007

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