Nature Red in Tooth and Claw: Theism and the Problem of Animal Suffering

By: Michael Murray

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While the problem of evil remains a perennial challenge to theistic belief, little attention has been paid to the special problem of animal pain and suffering. This absence is especially conspicuous in our Darwinian era when theists are forced to confront the fact that animal pain and suffering has gone on for at least tens of millions of years, through billions of animal generations. Evil of this sort might not be especially problematic if the standard ofexplanations for evil employed by theists could be applied in this instance as well. But there is the central problem: all or most of the explanations for evil cited by theists seem impotent to explain the reality of animal pain and suffering through evolutionary history. Nature Red in Tooth and Clawaddresses the evil of animal pain and suffering directly, scrutinizing explanations that have been offered for such evil.
Publication Date:
19 / 06 / 2008

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