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    By: Mike Dilger

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    The natural world shows us that 'Mother Evolution' is a very clever beast that has designed babies in so many shapes and sizes that many would not look out of place in the most off-the-wall science fiction novels. Nature's Babies features not just the cutest babies‚ but the most weird and wonderful‚ too. Which are the biggest babies or the smallest babies‚ relative to their parents' size‚ and which baby looks least like its parents? Who would have thought‚ for example‚ that a red kangaroo's baby is born no larger than a kidney bean and the moment it enters the world it has the most daunting journey to complete before it can feed for the first time?

    The animal world also proves that in addition to the infinite variety of baby shapes and sizes‚ there is indeed an incredible array of different ways of being born‚ such as the baby giraffe that has to face an incredibly perilous drop into the world when being born or the seahorses that are carried to term by the father rather than their mother.

    The ideal gift for nature enthusiasts and general readers alike‚ Nature's Babies offers an array of fascinating stories and amazing photographs of all of those adorable creatures that we love.

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