Network Programming in .NET

Network Programming in .NET by Fiach Reid
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The purpose of this book is to provide tools to design and implement network-orientated applications in .NET. It is also a guide for software designers to choose the best and most efficient way to implement mission critical solutions. The book addresses real-world issues facing professional developers, such as using third-party components as opposed in-house development. It differentiates itself from existing .NET publications because it is aimed at experienced professionals and concentrates on practical, ready-to-use information. The book is written in two languages C# and VB.NET, and covers never-before published information on Telephony in .NET and packet-level networking. This is the second book in the Digital Press Software Development Series.Coverage of lower level protocols allows implementation of performance-centric applicationsDemonstrates the feasibility of developing telephony solutions in-house rather than outsourcingWritten in VB.NET and C# to assist readers working in either languageCoverage of Email, FTP and the WWW allows implementation of applications in all three areas
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2004

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