Network Security by Jan L. Harrington

By: Jan L. Harrington


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Network Security is a comprehensive resource written for anyone who plans or implements network security measures, including managers and practitioners. It offers a valuable dual perspective on security: how your network looks to hackers who want to get inside, and how you need to approach it on the inside to keep them at bay.You get all the hands-on technical advice you need to succeed, but also higher-level administrative guidance for developing an effective security policy. There may be no such thing as absolute security, but, as the author clearly demonstrates, there is a huge difference between the protection offered by routine reliance on third-party products and what you can achieve by actively making informed decisions. You'll learn to do just that with this book's assessments of the risks, rewards, and trade-offs related implementing security measures.+ Helps you see through a hacker's eyes so you can make your network more secure.+ Provides technical advice that can be applied in any environment, on any platform, including help with intrusion detection systems, firewalls, encryption, anti-virus software, and digital certificates.+ Emphasizes a wide range of administrative considerations, including security policies, user management, and control of services and devices.+ Covers techniques for enhancing the physical security of your systems and network.+ Explains how hackers use information-gathering to find and exploit security flaws.+ Examines the most effective ways to prevent hackers from gaining root access to a server.+ Addresses Denial of Service attacks, "malware," and spoofing.+ Includes appendices covering the TCP/IP protocol stack, well-known ports, and reliable sources for security warnings and updates.
Publication Date:
25 / 04 / 2005

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