Neuronal Networks in Brain Function, CNS Disorders, and Therapeutics

Neuronal Networks in Brain Function, CNS Disorders, and Therapeutics by Unknown

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Neuronal Networks in Brain Function, CNS Disorders, and Therapeutics, edited by two leaders in the field, offers a current and complete review of what we know about neural networks. How the brain accomplishes many of its more complex tasks can only be understood via study of neuronal network control and network interactions. Large networks can undergo major functional changes, resulting in substantially different brain function and affecting everything from learning to the potential for epilepsy. With chapters authored by experts in each topic, this book advances the understanding of: How the brain carries out important tasks via networksHow these networks interact in normal brain functionMajor mechanisms that control network functionThe interaction of the normal networks to produce more complex behaviorsHow brain disorders can result from abnormal interactionsHow therapy of disorders can be advanced through this network approach This book will benefit neuroscience researchers and graduate students with an interest in networks, as well as clinicians in neuroscience, pharmacology, and psychiatry dealing with neurobiological disorders.Utilizes perspectives and tools from various neuroscience subdisciplines (cellular, systems, physiologic), making the volume broadly relevantChapters explore normal network function and control mechanisms, with an eye to improving therapies for brain disordersReflects predominant disciplinary shift from an anatomical to a functional perspective of the brainEdited work with chapters authored by leaders in the field around the globe - the broadest, most expert coverage available
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26 / 12 / 2013

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