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    By: Will Hobbs

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    At fifteen, Nick Thrasher is already an accomplished Inuit hunter. After scoring a solid cut of caribou to bring home to his ailing grandfather, Nick loses his bounty to a terrible creature--it’s like nothing he’s ever seen before. Wildlife experts will soon be calling it a “grolar” bear because it looks part grizzly, part polar bear. Though he has lost his dinner to the animal, Nick knows his grandfather, Jonah, will be impressed with his story of escape. Back at the village, however, Nick’s excitement is cut short by a letter from his estranged half-brother.

    Ryan Powers is a famous wildlife photographer and he’s coming to the Canadian Arctic to do research along a remote part of the Firth River. He’s hoping to track huge herds of migrating caribou--and he’s invited Nick along. Nick doesn’t want to spend any amount of time away from his sick grandfather, let alone with a brother he’s never met before…But the promise of adventure ultimately changes Nick’s mind. He agrees to join Ryan, hoping to return with many thrilling tales for Jonah. Their journey has barely begun when Nick and Ryan hit a solid block of ice that flips their raft and pins them underneath the deadly mass. Narrowly making it out alive, Nick and Ryan--on opposite sides of the river--are forced to survive with only the clothes on their backs.

    Cold and hungry, with the fear of the grolar bear overshadowing their every move, the brothers must learn to trust each other, for split-second decisions and heart-racing discoveries are only part of what’s ahead…

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