Newnes Telecommunications Pocket Book

Newnes Telecommunications Pocket Book by Steve Winder

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Newnes Telecommunications Pocket Book is a unique pocket reference written by an engineer for engineers. The information in this book covers the data, methods, standards and fundamentals needed in a wide range of work situations. The practical focus of the book makes it essential for all telecommunications professionals and managers, and also for students who want to find the key information quickly. The scope of this book encompasses signal sources, radio propagation and modulation, cabling, high speed data systems, switching, LANs and WANs, multiplexing, and the whole range of telecomms equipment: telephone systems, mobile phones, pagers, modems, fax, private mobile radio... All sections have been thoroughly updated to cover the latest developments in technology and standards, including ITU regulations, WAP, GSM1800, HDSL2, wireless local loops and wireless broadband, optical fibre amplifiers and the latest submarine cable systems.A practical engineer's reference that puts the key information at your fingertipsCovers essential data, techniques and working practiceThis update includes the latest international regulations
Publication Date:
09 / 10 / 2001

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