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    By: Lee Harris

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    Lee Harris burst on the scene in the aftermath of 9/11 with his controversial essay "Al-Qaeda's Fantasy Ideology," which positioned him as the conservative American public intellectual of the new millennium. He further established himself as a voice to be heard with his two critically-acclaimed books, The Suicide of Reason and Civilization and its Enemies, as well as with his widespread blogging. Here he turns his attention to America and the new wave of right-wing populism, arguing that it is actually good for our democracy.Many were surprised by the escalating incidents that began right after Barack Obama's election, such as tea parties, guns toted to town hall meetings, rumors of socialism, and death panels. But Lee Harris knew this was coming. Harris has long been reflecting on freedom and what it really means. In this new book, he explains that the outrage we're witnessing is born of the age-old fear - as old as the nation itself - that someone will take away our freedom. It is this fear that sparked the current populist revolt, led by people like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin who claim that Obama's push for reform is simply the intellectual elite's most recent power-grab. Here, Harris shows that in reality, this ongoing debate is good and necessary. Throughout our history, Americans have challenged the definition of liberty and this has allowed us to progress as a society. Harris argues that we must listen carefully to this new populist uprising and take it seriously if we are to defend our founding principles and achieve true freedom for all.

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