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    Nicki Waterman's Flat Stomach Plan

    By: Nicki Waterman

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    The Ultimate 5 Minute Workouts and Diet.

    This book contains a healthy diet plan plus the key ab exercises to transform flabby bellies into super firm abs.

    A low calorie diet alone will not slim down your midsection - once the diet ends and you go back to your old habits, your body responds by regaining the weight and slowing down the metabolism. To really succeed you need to exercise the abdominal muscles too.

    Nicki's plan goes beyond the usual 'sit-ups' and 'crunches', with a range of workouts that tone all of the muscle groups needed for a flat stomach. The programme is based around a set of workouts that get gradually more difficult, so readers can progress through the stages.

    Nicki's healthy eating plan is not a starvation diet, but a sensible, easy-to-follow guide to healthy foods that are good to eat, making it easy to understand and stick to.

    The book contains a wide range of workouts - beginners, intermediate, advanced, the Fab Abs challenge, exercises to strengthen and support the back, workouts post-pregnancy, the belly-dancing workout as well as warm-up and cool-down routines.

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