Night Road by Kristin Hannah

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153 x 234mm

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Set on Pine Island, Night Road is the story of three teenagers: Lexi, Mia and her twin brother Zach. Lexi's childhood was spent watching her alcoholic mother slowly poison herself to death. When she turns fourteen, Lexi's Aunt Eva takes her in to live with her in her caravon on a trailer park.

Mia and Zach Farraday, on the other hand, had an idyllic childhood with everything they could possible want from an adoring and doting mother. Despite this, Mia is a shy girl, constantly overshadowed by her outgoing and outrageously good-looking brother who sails through life so easily.

The twins meet Lexi on their first day of high school. Lexi, sweet-natured and gentle, finds a soul mate in Mia and they become best friends. Lexi falls in love with Zach the moment she first sets eyes on him but she never imagines that he'd ever look at her in any way other than as his beloved twin's best friend. But it turns out that Zach is absolutely crazy about Lexi, he just doesn't want to jeapardize her relationship with Mia, who has always found it hard to make friends.

Life changes for them all on a fateful summer's night following their graduation party. Zach's the designated driver, but both he and Mia had had far too much too drink. Lexi decides that she is sober enough to drive. It turns out to be a decision that she will regret for the rest of her life...
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2011
153 x 234mm

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