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    Shortly before the Gulf War, Alan Craik, a young US Naval Intelligence officer, is posted to one of two aircraft carriers headed for the Persian Gulf. On board the other is his father, one of the Navy's most legendary pilots. Soon, father and son both take part in a night-time strike on the Iranian coast - only for it to end in tragedy, as Alan witnesses his father's plane plunging into the sea.

    Shocked by the loss of the dominant figure in his life, Alan refuses to accept the official explanation of the death - a lucky strike by an Iranian missile. The more he looks at it, the more his instincts tell him that the real story is much more disturbing: someone on his father's ship sabotaged his plane - and he's still on board.

    As his career takes him through the Gulf War and around the world, Alan persists with his hunt for the truth - until suddenly he makes an alarming discovery. The US Navy may be harbouring not just one traitor, but two: a father-and-son team who have been betraying their country for years - and will risk everything not to be discovered.

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