No Front Line: Inside Stories of New Zealand's Vietnam War

No Front Line: Inside Stories of New Zealand's Vietnam War by Claire Hall
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The Vietnam War was New Zealand's longest and most controversial military engagement of the twentieth century.

No Front Line explores this war like never before, from the perspective of New Zealanders who were there , in their own words: on operations, on a mission for good, on orders, or simply out for adventure. It relays military, civilian and domestic histories in a narrative that is at once sincere, direct and undeniable – sometimes shocking and always absorbing.

These war stories take readers on operations with gunners, infantrymen, pilots and troopers who face fear and heartbreak, and who witness the devastation of a country at war.

The book also includes important reflections from non-combatant engineers, medics, aid workers and administrators; it profiles civilian and service personnel treating Vietnamese casualties in provincial hospitals; it places on record the integral role of women in Vietnam: as nurses, doctors, aid workers, journalists and entertainers. Back home in New Zealand, veterans' families recall the war's reach into the suburbs – both then and now.

Personal testimonies in No Front Line are drawn from a collectionof 150 oral history interviews recorded over five years. They present a fresh perspective on New Zealand's collective experience of the Vietnam War – an episode in history that cannot be ignored.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2014

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