No-Fuss Fitness: Your Guide to Working Out in the Real World

No-Fuss Fitness: Your Guide to Working Out in the Real World by Lee-Anne Wann
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This book is for real people who simply want the opportunity to be healthy, have fun and live life the way they choose to live it.

In No-Fuss Fitness, TV fitness guru Lee-Anne Wann shows you how easy it can be to include fitness in everyday activities so you see results. With a realistic, achievable approach, Lee-Anne offers solutions for sustainable health benefits. And for those who have tried and failed in the past to achieve health and weight-loss goals, Lee-Anne also demonstrates how important it is to understand your own body before you can reach your goals.

Also included are quick tips to see instant changes that will help you stay on track for life - how to make yourself taller in just 2 minutes, hit stubborn belly fat, curb hunger and get great looking arms. Whether you find yourself at a park or on a beach, or even at your desk or in a car, No-Fuss Fitness includes just the workout for you without interrupting your daily life. There are even workouts you can do with a partner or while pregnant, and of course if you want to target a specific area or burn fat fast, this book has the answer.
Publication Date:
03 / 10 / 2011

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