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    By: Naomi Klein

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    Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies.

    "If the world really is just one big global village, then the logo is its common language understood by - if not accessible to - everyone. In 'No Logo', Klein undertakes an arduous journey to the centre of a post-national planet. Starting with the brand's birth, as a means of bringing soul to mass marketing, she follows in the logo's wake and notes its increasing capacity for making the product subservient. Beyond this she reaches her core argument - the now uneasy struggle between corporate power and anti-corporate activism - via sweatshop labour, submerged identity and subversive action. Part sociological thesis, part design history, 'No Logo' is entirely engrossing and emphatic." - GQ

    With compelling accounts of the corporate invasion of our daily lives, and the growing backlash against it, this book is part cultural analysis, part political manifesto, and part journalistic expose.

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