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    By: George Papaelli

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    "Just don't go down any dark alley of yours or mine . . . I won't touch you, just don't you ever touch me."
    Young, dispossessed, yearning and angry, Lucky's at home on the streets. His father was a Labor Party man. But the Party has nothing for Lucky.
    Then there was that fight at the pub. With Blue, the old guy. And Muggy, the owner, who wanted the loses out when the yuppies came in. Bad for business.
    "I figured that someone was going to pay. Someone always does, don't they? That's a rule, isn't it? One of theirs? Pay up, pay up."
    This is Lucky's story. The story of a young man society and politics have failed. And the stories of those like him. Those who have no place in a relaxed and comfortable Australia.
    Hypnotic, confronting, disturbing, ferocious, lyrical, this is the voice of the outsider. The one who makes you feel uncomfortable. The one who says "No."

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