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A Holocaust Reader
RRP $145.99
A Gentleman and an Officer
RRP $123.99
A History of Military Thought
RRP $169.99
A History of the United States Navy from 1775 to 1902; Volume 1
RRP $102.99
A Micro-Sociology of Violence
RRP $233.99
A Global History of War
RRP $106.99
A Noble Cause?
RRP $157.99
A History of Soviet Airborne Forces
RRP $243.99
A Life of Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Cunningham
RRP $224.99
A People's History of the Second World War
RRP $165.99
A Rainbow in the Desert: An Anthology of Early Twentieth Century Japanese Children's Literature
RRP $200.99
A History of the Research into Methods for Selecting and Classifying U.S. Army Personnel 1917-2011
RRP $449.95
A National Force
RRP $169.99
A Journal of the English Civil War
RRP $102.99
A Modern Maistre
RRP $118.99
A Nazi Past
RRP $156.99
A Single Grand Victory
RRP $165.99
A New Trusteeship?
RRP $302.99
A History of Firearms
RRP $182.99
A Short History of the Royal Navy
RRP $159.99
A Guide to the Sources of British Military History
RRP $243.99
A Modernist in Exile
RRP $155.99
A Korean Conflict
RRP $184.99
A Military Government in Exile
RRP $125.99
A Nation of Victims?
RRP $126.99

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