Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight

Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight by Alexander Bolonkin

By: Alexander Bolonkin

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In recent years scientists have investigated a series of new methods for non-rocket space launch, which promise to revolutionize space launches and flight. Particularly in the current political climate new, cheaper, and more 'fuel efficient' methods are being investigated. Such new methods include the gas tube method, cable accelerators, tether launch systems, space elevators, solar and magnetic sails, circle launcher space keepers and more. The author of Non-Rocket Space Launch and Flight brings a vast amount of experience to the topic, having worked as a engineer, designer, project director and researcher at key institutes including NASA and the US Air Force.Explores all the new non-rocket space launch methods, and compares them with each other and traditional rocketsInvestigates the unifying principles of the different systems and shows how to select the best design suited to the missionAuthor brings together technical and theoretical expertise from both industry and academia
Publication Date:
07 / 07 / 2010

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