Nonlinear and Mixed-Integer Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications

Nonlinear and Mixed-Integer Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications by Christodoulos A. Floudas

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Filling a void in chemical engineering and optimization literature, this book presents the theory and methods for nonlinear and mixed-integer optimization, and their applications in the important area of process synthesis. Other topics include modeling issues in process synthesis, and optimization-based approaches in the synthesis of heat recovery systems, distillation-based systems, and reactor-based systems. The basics of convex analysis and nonlinear optimization are also covered and the elementary concepts of mixed-integer linear optimization are introduced. All chapters have several illustrations and geometrical interpretations of the material as well as suggested problems. Nonlinear and Mixed-Integer Optimization will prove to be an invaluable source--either as a textbook or a reference--for researchers and graduate students interested in continuous and discrete nonlinear optimization issues in engineering design, process synthesis, process operations, applied mathematics, operations research, industrial management, and systems engineering.
Publication Date:
26 / 09 / 1995

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