Nostradamus: The New Millennium

Nostradamus: The New Millennium by John Hogue
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John Hogue
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A New Guide to the Great Seer's Prophecies.

Nostradamus predicted the rise of Nazi Germany, the atomic bomb and the AIDS epidemic - could he have correctly identified the "Third Antichrist"? In the light of the recent tragic world events, John Hogue, the world's leading Nostradamus authority, offers new interpretations of the prophecies and reveals startling predictions for the future.

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks on the US, speculation has abounded about how accurate the famous 16th-century seer really as.

This newly updated edition includes:
- An expose of the false prophecy attributed to Nostradamus after the attack on New York and who is responsible for spreading it
- The real prophecies of Nostradamus concerning the present and future attacks on New York City, and the global consequences of these attacks in our future
- The real name of the terrorist responsible for the attacks, indicating that he is Nostradamus' long awaited "Third Antichrist"
- An examination of the prophecies that point to the swift and sudden destruction of this "Antichrist" in our near future
- The possibility that the death of this "Antichrist" will not close the case on his crime against humanity, and that his martyrdom may herald a bloody, 27-year world war of terrorism
- The chill warning that the current president may soon fall as a casualty of war. That a new president taking office in US could cut short the potentially catastrophic war sometime after April or June 2002 and as late as 2004
- The revelation of an important clue in Nostradamus' writings which alludes to a far more positive vision of our future . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2002

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