By: Gianni Petrangeli

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Nuclear Safety provides the methods and data needed to evaluate and manage the safety of nuclear facilities and related processes using risk-based safety analysis, and provides readers with the techniques to assess the consequences of radioactive releases. The book covers relevant international and regional safety criteria (US, IAEA, EUR, PUN, URD, INI). The contents deal with each of the critical components of a nuclear plant, and provide an analysis of the risks arising from a variety of sources, including earthquakes, tornadoes, external impact and human factors. It also deals with the safety of underground nuclear testing and the handling of radioactive waste.Covers all plant components and potential sources of risk including human, technical and natural factors.Brings together information on nuclear safety for which the reader would previously have to consult many different and expensive sources.Provides international design and safety criteria and an overview of regulatory regimes.Includes case studies and analysis of major accidents with data and calculations on accompanying website.
Publication Date:
30 / 05 / 2006

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