Nursing by Karen Holland & Colin Rees

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159 x 235 x 26mm

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"To deliver safe and effective patient care student nurses need to find, critique, and use evidence in every day nursing decisions and academic work, Consequently they need a new textbook that goes further than simply explaining research methods. "Nursing Evidence based practice" has been developed as a one stop shop for research theory and evidence based practice skills for all aspects of the pre-registration nursing course - in both the classroom and on clinical placement. Taking a logical approach, the authors introduce the role of evidence based practice in nursing before explaining how research is produced and how students can find, read and critique it in order to make informed care decisions. Theory is applied to both academic and clinical work soreaders can easily see how to weigh up the evidence before applying it to a nursing decision. Useful for the entire undergraduate course, the content is mapped against the skills required of registered nurses and includes practical advice for completingfinal year academic assignments. Written in an easy to read, student friendly manner the authors have brought together trustworthy and reliable advice in a way that's easy to dip into any time you need it- from writing an assignment, devising a nursing plan, documenting your placement learning outcomes, or finding advice on disseminating evidence for practice. This book has been truly designed to help student nurses become evidence based practitioners and to develop their nursing practice. The Online Resource Centre to accompany "Nursing Evidence based practice" features: Practical tools such as checklists and notes will help students to really put the theory into practice. Web links to authoritative sources of research will quickly direct students to the best evidence. Hyperlinked bibliographies mean readers can easily access the referenced articles in the book. Audio interviews will put the subject in to context. Our interactive glossary will help newcomers to the subject to understand the language of research"--Provided by publisher.
Publication Date:
18 / 06 / 2010
159 x 235 x 26mm

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