Oil Spills and Gas Leaks: Environmental Response, Prevention and Cost Recovery

Oil Spills and Gas Leaks: Environmental Response, Prevention and Cost Recovery by James Jacobs, Stephen Testa

By: James Jacobs, Stephen Testa

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The definitive guide to petroleum hydrocarbon fuel spill and leak causes, prevention, response, and cost recovery

Oil Spills and Gas Leaks highlights the complex nature of petroleum hydrocarbon fuel extraction methods, the unintended consequences when disasters occur, spill behavior, and environmental impact mitigation. This practical resource discusses engineering techniques; long-term biological and environmental effects; dealing with insurance claims, litigation, and legislation in overlapping jurisdictions; and much more. Featuring global case studies and best practices, this timely volume provides an in-depth understanding of how oil spills and gas leaks occur and describes the most effective environmental assessment, remediation, and restoration options available to respond to these industrial accidents.


The role of petroleum hydrocarbon fuels in society

Geology and geochemistry of oil and gas deposits

Oil and gas well drilling and production issues

Behavior of oil spills in various environments

Behavior of gas leaks in various environments

Assessment of spills and leaks

Toxicity issues and exposure pathways

Subsurface investigations

Sampling strategies and remedial approaches

Sampling methods on land and offshore

Prevention, oversight, and mitigation

Remediation of oil spills

Case histories and cost recovery

Oil spills and wildlife

Oil spills and safety issues

Conclusions and recommendations
Publication Date:
31 / 03 / 2014

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