One Foot On The Podium

One Foot On The Podium by Don Elgin
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Don Elgin
Date Released
210 x 148mm
Out Of Print

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Born without the lower half of his left leg, young Don Elgin never considered himself disabled until he was in high school - and even then, he had to be convinced. His story, of a boy from the bush who battled the odds and finally stepped onto the podium as a medallist at the Sydney Paralympics, is one of absolute inspiration. Driven by an inherited sense of grit, determination and pure guts, Don overcomes an abundance of obstacles to rise to the top of the sporting heap. His lifes philosophy tells us that success is not a birthright - it's earned.

If youre likely to buy only one book this year, make sure its a ripper. Make it one about a boy from the bush whos hell-bent on becoming an elite sportsman. Be sure its a true story, with ups and downs and plenty of fun times you can relate to. An inspiring insight into triumph over adversity probably wont go astray either.

The one book you should buy this year tells the true story of a boy with a couple of missing body-parts and a very naughty streak that gets him in and out of trouble with his parents, school teachers and the police on his journey to the peak of Paralympic athletic competition. The one book you should definitely buy this year is One Foot On The Podium, by Don Elgin (with Kevin Moloney).

Don Elgin: One Foot On The Podium is not just the rags-to-riches story of a poor disabled boy who becomes an elite athlete. Its a tell-all tale laced with his natural humour and just enough larrikinism to make him loveable. The way Don tells his story is the reason hes one of the most entertaining and engaging speakers on the Australian circuit today.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2015
210 x 148mm

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