Optimum Nutrition For The Mind by Patrick Holford

04 / 06 / 2010
155 x 231 x 37mm

A totally revised and expanded edition of a best-selling book.

'Optimum Nutrition for the Mind' is the classic guide to improving your mood, boosting your memory, sharpening your mind and solving mental health problems through nutrition. Patrick Holford asserts that what you eat affects your mind.

Now fully updated, Patrick Holford's 'New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind' will also include new insights, and a questionnaire-based method to work out your own nutritional programme for improving your mood, mind and memory.

In this revised edition, Patrick Holford describes breakthrough discoveries on how specific essential fats, vitamins and minerals can improve depression and anxiety; discusses the effects of stress, alcohol and exercise on mental health; gives details of new discoveries in the treatment of autism and schizophrenia; provides concrete and well-researched guidance for those with mental health difficulties.

This book guarantees to knock five yours off your mental age.

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