Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses

Oracle CRM On Demand Combined Analyses by Michael D. Lairson
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Master the Combined Analysis Tools in Oracle CRM on Demand

Drive better decision-making across your enterprise using the reporting and analysis techniques in this Oracle Press guide. Through clear explanations and detailed case studies, Oracle CRM on Demand Combined Analyses shows you how to deliver real-time insightful business intelligence to end users. Learn how to perform multiple queries, join tables, format result columns, and add interactivity to your reports. Methods for filtering the results of a combined analysis are also covered in this practical resource.

Create, edit, and join reports with set operators in Oracle Answers On Demand

Configure roles and privileges to allow access to development tools

Use negative reporting methods to compensate for null data

Analyze records from the transactional databases and data warehouse in federated reports

Add advanced views such as gauges, view selectors, funnel charts, and narrative views to your combined reports

Integrate ad hoc analysis using Oracle Answers on Demand

Consolidate information from disparate sources with pivot tables

Perform calculations across multiple reports using result columns
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2010

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