Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics

Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics by Michael D. Lairson

By: Michael D. Lairson

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Link and Embed Oracle CRM On Demand Reports

Integrate business intelligence directly into day-to-day business processes by presenting analytic reports to end users in applications. Oracle CRM On Demand Embedded Analytics shows you how to link and embed reports throughout Oracle CRM On Demand. This Oracle Press guide explains how to plan, design, and develop reports; make them available through hyperlinks; and embed reports in a variety of locations easily accessible to end users. Real-world examples and time-saving tips are included throughout this practical resource.

Navigate the report development environment within Oracle CRM On Demand

Configure administrative settings to access report development and embedding tools

Design reports for linking and embedding in applications

Format columns, filter data, and add and edit views, including pivot tables and pivot charts

Add link functionality to Oracle CRM On Demand and your reports

Embed reports using HTML and URL encoding

Display reports inside dashboards and on home page screens

Embed reports inside other reports

Add reports and dashboards to custom Web tabs and desktop applications

Include external sites in reports
Publication Date:
10 / 01 / 2011

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