Oracle Performance Tuning for 10gR2

Oracle Performance Tuning for 10gR2 by Gavin JT Powell

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Tuning of SQL code is generally cheaper than changing the data model. Physical and configuration tuning involves a search for bottlenecks that often points to SQL code or data model issues. Building an appropriate data model and writing properly performing SQL code can give 100%+ performance improvement. Physical and configuration tuning often gives at most a 25% performance increase.Gavin Powell shows that the central theme of Oracle10gR2 Performance Tuning is four-fold: denormalize data models to fit applications; tune SQL code according to both the data model and the application in relation to scalability; create a well-proportioned physical architecture at the time of initial Oracle installation; and most important, mix skill sets to obtain the best results.* Fully updated for version 10gR2 and provides all necessary transition material from version 9i* Includes all three aspects of Oracle database tuning: data model tuning, SQL & PL/SQL code tuning, physical plus configuration tuning* Contains experienced guidance and real-world examples using large datasets Emphasizes development as opposed to operating system perspective
Publication Date:
08 / 04 / 2011

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