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    Oscar And Hoo Forever

    By: Theo

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    One morning, Hoo is very sad. He is missing his cloud family and he is very homesick. Little by little, he starts to shrink. Oscar is very worried. Hoo must find his family again. He might disappear altogether! 'But I don't want to leave you!' wails Hoo.

    Then Oscar has the answer. He is a great dreamer. Perhaps he can find Hoo's family in his dreams. The two friends close their eyes - and find themselves flying over mountains, deep valleys and through forests until they reach the sea. All of sudden, the sky grows dark. There is a storm approaching and Oscar is very scared until Hoo spots his cloud flock.
    Now, Hoo knows he will always find his family in his dreams. And Oscar and Hoo can be together, forever.

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